Does your child experience difficulty learning, following directions, or expressing him or herself? Does he or she lack motivation, or have difficulty in social situations?

We can help!

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Do some children in your classroom exhibit stress or extreme anxiety, have difficulty learning or show signs of low self-esteem? Do they have difficulty expressing themselves and/or interacting with others?

We can help!

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Do some children exhibit difficulties with oral communication, following instructions, and/or social interactions with peers?

We can help!

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For over 15 years, Children’s Support Solutions has been working in collaboration with parents, schools and caregivers to identify and help children and teens with special needs.

Specialized services that we offer


Psychologists are the specialists in an individual’s global development, learning abilities, behaviour…

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Special Education

Special Educators prevent, identify and reduce the impact of learning…

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Neuropsychologists specialize in the principles of assessment and intervention…

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Psychologists who investigate how a child's emotions and behaviours affect…

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Guidance Counselling

Counsellors provide academic guidance and career path strategies based on assessment…

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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and determine a child's specific needs relative to language development…

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Testimony of their experience

“Our daughter has always been smaller and shyer than other children her age. She often pauses when expressing herself, and we would have to complete her sentences for her.

The team at Children’s Support Solutions were able to help with the evaluation process and help us collaborate with the school.”

Micheline, mother of a 13-year-old girl.